The Art Of Bread

The Tools

Any automated machine will never replace the main baker’s tool – his hands. They “understand” and  feel the bread dough. The view and, of course, the smell are also vital. Dough-maker, blade, cutting machine and oven help the baker but don’t replace him.

Have we forgotten anything? Yes, we should also mention the most important tool: time.

The Gestures

For generations, the same gestures are transmitted from baker to baker.  Every single baker has his own little expertise. Kneading, scoring, weighing are done with the precision of a metronome. The baker gauges, measures, evaluates the pause time, the flexibility of the dough, chooses right temperature for ovens, proving machine and his working area. It’s a kind of magic, a mixture of tradition and modernity.

The Grenier à Pain believes more in values than in words. You can find hereafter Michael Galloyer’ comments.

The Words

More than words, le Grenier à Pain believes in values.
We let Michel Galoyer comment them.

Humility :
People should always feel their imperfection and consider their own ignorance as a source of progress: that is, it seems, the best way to invent, to encounter ideas, to innovate, to create. Being humble helps us to evolve.

Passion :
It drives us, transports us, turns us into researchers and sometimes gives us its treasures: culinary discoveries, little secrets, new exhilarating ideas. Our passion makes us happy.

Patience :
To give time to time is the safest pass between past and present. Those who want to become real bakers and pastry-makers have to be patient – which is in itself another form of humility.

Transmission :
I learnt a lot from my teachers. Today, I am still learning and I share my know-how with others. This extension seems natural to me but more importantly, it is dear to me. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the progress of apprentices in the “Grenier à Pain”. It’s a real pleasure to see them becoming skillful and confident. They are my pride and joy.

Work :
I started working at the age of 14. I have spared no efforts  and have always worked hard to become a good baker. But the value of work is not measured in time. As for me, the ability to evolve again and again, to progress even after years of practice, is much more valuable.