Pourquoi pas moi ?

With the simplicity that characterizes him, Michel Galloyer traces the progress of their learning to the international success of Le Grenier à Pain. « Pourquoi pas moi ? » is the story of a lively passionate desire to communicate, it is also a tribute to all those who participated in an adventure made of work, humility and love of the profession.

“Pourquoi pas moi ?” par Michel Galloyer
Photographies Moussa Elibrik

Thoba’s Editions, novembre 2008
ISBN 2-916393-22-6

Goûters, cakes et gourmandises, 2nd édition.

Fifty easy recipes that cater to all, big and small, gourmands and gourmets, beginners or experts. They are imbued with warmth and good humor prevailing in our bakeries.

Allow yourself to temptation: healthy products, sugar strand, much love, and fun is close at hand!

“Goûters, cakes et gourmandises, 2nd édition” par Michel Galloyer
Photographies Moussa Elibrik

Hinoki Editeur, juin 2011
ISBN : 978 291 879 0037
19.50 €