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We have no secrets, but we do have the real passion of simplicity and all that is really tasty.







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Thank you for giving us the honor of being your favourite baguette.







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A touch of modernity and new ideas, because sometimes it is good to awaken tradition.







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Our obsessions will never change: The softness of the dough, the crispy crust, the golden colour reflections







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our story

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“All in combination with our taste for excellence and the passion of sharing our know-how”


We all share the same passion, the art of bread.

Traditional baguette, wholemeal bread, sourdough, farmers baguette, pies, cream puffs, napoleon tarts, almond puff pies …

We love giving bakery and pastry classics a different twist.

We preserve all these flavours, which have always left us and everyone mouth watering and add a touch of modernity and fresh new ideas. Sometimes it’s good to breathe new life into tradition.

We are allergic to industrial baguette, as well as serial desserts. Craftsmanship is the core of our profession.

A perfect blend of our taste for excellence and the sharing of our know-how, we experience true freedom in all our choices.

We assume the responsibility to always satisfy you. You can trust our loyalty to our profession.

We will always do everything we can to defend the values of quality bakery.

They are talking about us

“Traditional and original”

“Different types of bread, traditional and original baguette”

Patricia Dor

“Also take-out”

“Just simply perfect, a real treat. Also for on the go”

Réka Torhany

“Very good value for money”

“Delicious, very good value for money. I knew the store on Avenue d’Italie (in the 13th avenue) and I didn’t know it was a “Le Grenier à Pain” chain. Both are delicious! “

Emna Bendhiaf

“My favourite bakery”

“My favourite bakery for the Sunday morning”

Charles Boucher Thomas

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Chains with environmentally conscious values

Le Grenier à Pain is a traditional bakery with high-quality environmental values and offers products made out of 100% French flour.