Our Chains & Commitments

A concrete chain approach, anchored in our values

Le Grenier à Pain is a bakery with significant environmental values which offers products made with 100% French flour, without additives or improvers.

In order to achieve the demanding quality of our products the dialogue between farmers, millers, bakers and consumers is of great importance in our approach.

Le Grenier à Pain, with its vision for the future, will continue to combine regional identification, the value of taste and environmental protection.

The three main aims “ecologically responsible wheat””

Maintaining grain quality

Reduction in the use of fertilizer

Restriction of the use of phytosanitary products

Close cooperation and strong commitments

To go even further in our objectives, Le Grenier à Pain, in the context of an environmental charter through an ambitious “ecologically responsible” specification, works closely with Moulins Viron and the regional agricultural chains.

Our environmental commitments:

  • Flour certified without preservative insecticides
  • Conservation of water resources
  • Reduced fungicides and nitrogen fertilization
  • Absence of regulators and glyphosates

From mill to baguette

After Edmond Viron acquired the Molen Lecomte in 1927, Philippe Viron strengthened the relationship of trust with the bakers in the 1950s and transformed the mill into a modern unit.

It was at the request of a customer looking for an “old-time” flour that the mill developed Rétrodor, the first flour of French Tradition.

In the mid-90s modernization works succeeded each other with the aim of achieving the best quality.

In recent years, the Viron Mills have remained in a demanding sector, with the launch of Émile Flower and the platform of old grains in collaboration with the Association Moisson d’Avenir (Grain Harvest for the Future).

“The results are promising. We remain convinced that by working on a culture program and a composition of varieties, we are striving to reduce nitrogen without compromising the organoleptic quality of the end product”

Alexandre Viron, Président des Moulins Viron

“Innovation is sometimes a simple return to the roots”

Philippe Viron