Our history

Our values

All our bakers have their own story, style and signature. There is nothing more human and personal than bread-making.

All in combination with our taste of excellence and the sharing of our know-how, we experience true freedom in all our choices.


An essential value for Le Grenier à Pain, because we produce our products ourselves every day and on site.


We favor French raw materials, fresh and if possible local products.


Known and recognized recipes within the Group, a true family sharing.

“in the name of the beautiful, the tasty and the good.”

We are an alliance of artisan bakers united by the same passion, namely the art of good bread, homemade delicacy and beautiful cakes.

Every day we produce the products that we offer, in a traditional way and on site, especially for you.

Le Grenier à Pain is a human adventure and a human company.

In every bakery the manager is a former student or saleswoman whom we have trained and to whom we have transferred our passion for the profession.

He or she is our partner and has his own store, sometimes even alongside other employees.

This alliance of large artisan bakers and confectioners gives all managers the freedom of creation.

This alliance guides and supports every employee (artisan baker, artisan pastry chef, salesman and saleswoman) to give the best of themselves thanks to our School.

As artisanal entrepreneurs, we work closely with local and responsible industries to choose our flour, butter and quality ingredients that will delight you while respecting producers and the environment.

We are artisans, enthusiasts, lovers of taste and flavours, in the name of the beautiful, the tasty and the good.